Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, your financial security is tied to your owner’s equity. In a social environment where most pursue gains through litigation, you have a target on your back. How would you like to have your retirement dreams stolen by a scheming plaintiff and his band of personal injury attorneys?

PEO Source makes the right connection with the right products to protect your business interests against internal and external threats.


This coverage protects an employer in a few key areas

  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Sexual Harassment

Statistically, companies are more likely to face an employment-related claim than they are a property or general liability claim. The legal bills for employers who are named a defendant in employment litigation can be astronomical. An EPLI policy helps cover your exposure to claims through the entire life-cycle of employment…from recruiting through termination as well as pay for the legal fees needed to defend a claim. Most EPLI policies include a deductible and some industries are more likely to have a claim than others.

Based on our in-depth research, here are a few statistics that you may not be aware of:

  • You are more likely to have an EPLI claim than a General Liability or a Property claim?
  • 75% of all EPLI claims are against small businesses with 1 – 50 employees?
  • The average claim starts at $30,000 while the average policy only cost about $1200 annually?
  • The average cost to defend a EPLI claim is $150,000?
  • The average settlement for an EPLI claim is $200,000?

Did you know that even though EPLI policies can be purchased separately that most PEO’s include this coverage as part of their package or at a greatly reduced rate?

At PEO Source, we have multiple partners that are experts in the field that can help review your current policy to ensure you’re protected properly. We will also quote you the right policy that matches your industry and needs. Contact us or download our FREE EPLI overview.


Your business is your most valuable asset. How well do you have it protected and at what cost? Multiple insurance companies will vary in their premiums to cover the same industries. It’s a constant balancing act as costs go up…or down any given year depending on the states you do business in.

Here’s how it works…

Every year, insurance carriers will change the make up of industries that they are in the market for and what they want off their books! There are many variables for this constant change. Below are a few.

Sometimes it’s just the market as a whole. You’ve heard the phrase “hard market”. This basically means that claims and their cost have escalated and insurance companies are losing too much money in that category or code. The market tightens and there is an “across the board” increase in workers compensation or business insurances. This could be state by state or on a national level depending on the market and the year. Now they’ll come back and raise your rate to help offset that cost…sometimes even if you’ve never had a claim!

On the other hand, insurance companies may want to “buy” a market since they decided that they want back in a particular industry. They basically have a bucket to fill. Everybody that gets in that bucket gets the “on sale” deal. Once the bucket is full, the sale is over.

What you may not know! The options your current agent brings to the table depends a lot on the size of their agency.

For example, your provider may only have 5 carriers that they can work with. The next guy maybe 10, the next maybe 30. The key item here is that the first guy in the door to quote a carrier locks out the others from quoting that carrier.

Now as the photo illustrates, there is overlap as to who can quote with who.

  • Should I shop my coverages each year? You Betcha!
  • Is your agency missing the market that you need? Maybe?
  • Is your agent large enough to have the carrier that’s looking for your business?

How do you know where you stand currently and what is the best choice for you? You may not… but PEO Source can certainly help!

By partnering with multiple insurance companies and carriers we bring more options to the table to help you fill your insurance needs. We will shop your coverage and bring you the best players that provide the bet options and the best service at the best cost to you!

Since we do all the leg work, you free up time to concentrate on more revenue producing items.. like running your business.

Download Sample Certificate (PDF) - A snapshot of most of your business insurance or workers’ compensation coverage.

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Why Choose PEO Source?

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