International Tech Firm

20 Employees

Looking for full HR services including benefits

"This is to acknowledge and recommend Mr. Greg Yakoumis and his company PEO Source, to any organization during the very critical decision-making process of choosing a PEO or payroll processing and HR solutions.

I have come to know Greg Yakoumis and his company based upon recommendations of my colleagues as I was looking to source a reliable organization that I could trust to provide me with multiple payroll and HR solution options. During the past several years, I called upon PEO Source twice for payroll solutions.

Each time, PEO Source went above and beyond my expectations not only in providing very diverse options and saving our company money,  but also the in-depth knowledge of each company they introduced was of a great value to me.

Another very valuable attribute of PEO Source to my organization has been their availability and care to answer any questions promptly well after a contract has been signed.

I recommend PEO Source to anyone for their knowledge and expertise in all aspects of payroll and HR solutions, prompt handling of their client needs with highest levels of integrity and reliability."

Home Health Care

125 Employees

Looking for better service, better workers compensation rates

"We wanted to take a moment to highlight the great work PEO Source has done in support of our business. After receiving little to no cost savings renegotiating an existing PEO service contract, we set out to find something better. Around March of 2016 we completed an online forum to solicit quotes from various PEO referral companies. From the beginning, PEO Source distinguished itself from the other PEO referral companies.

They not only contacted us quickly but also took the time to understand our business's needs, answer all our questions and followed up with us throughout the PEO selection process. In the end, PEO Source found our business $12,000 in savings with a great PEO. Even now Peo Source is still providing us great support following up after the service contract had been completed. My colleagues and I highly recommend Peo Source to whoever may be in need of finding the right vendor for their company's needs."

Multi Location National Restaurant Franchisee

100 Employees

Looking for simplified payroll and HR support services

"Greg, I wanted to thank you for your exceptional guidance through our PEO selection process. You were there every step of the way, patiently answering a million questions in detail and providing a wealth of information and guidance through a process that could have been very painful. Your ability to distill complex information into both spreadsheet and verbal form in a way that makes it easy to understand is exemplary. I also appreciated all of the time you dedicated to us, and your quick responsiveness and follow-up.

Best of all, we feel really terrific about our final decision and the PEO we selected. Working with you gave us not only the best solution for us but also enabled us to negotiate for the best price with our chosen provider.

We truly can’t thank you enough and recommend you highly to any company looking for a PEO provider. Greg and PEO Source are simply the best!"

Banking sector

25 Employees

Needs full PEO Services including HR and benefits. Utilized Peo Source Consulting Services. 

"I work for a small bank in the Southwest. I was charged with finding a new Professional Employment Organization for our 22 employee bank. We were looking for a complete solution including: Human Resources support, competitive benefits package, employee access and technology platform to simplify our internal processes. I have over 30 years in various areas of banking, but I have no previous experience with Human Resources or PEO's. During my extensivere search, I answered an Internet query for comparing PEO's. Mr. Yakoumis called me based on the answers I provided.

I explained to him I was too far along in the process to interject any new players and gently declined his assistance. He then offered to help guide me through the selection process for the vendors I had already selected, for a reasonable consulting fee. I determined he had no affiliation with any of the PEO's I selected. I accepted his offer and am overwhelmingly glad I did.

PEO Source provided me with a confidentiality agreement and began reviewing everything I had accumulated. I provided them reams of research, my current contract for services, my Request for Proposal, as well as the responses and correspondence from three vendors. They reviewed them thoroughly and began his work, transmitting back to me additional questions I should ask each vendor, explaining areas of the proposals I didn't understand, and indicating what choices were available. Mr. Yakoumis also interviewed me to ensure he understood what I was trying to accomplish, what my goals for this new vendor would be, and discussing timing issues.

During this process, I found Mr.Yakoumis to be knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to deal with. He was prompt in getting information back to me, both via email and telephone. Mr. Yakoumis educated me on the nuances of the PEO industry, providing a knowledge base I could never had attained on my one.

In the end, I explained my vendor selection to him, and they concurred I made an appropriate choice. Mr.Yakoumis continued his guidance by outlining areas of the contract I could negotiate, and identified pitfalls I should avoid before committing to my selected PEO. His assistance and support of my conclusion was very reassuring as I then had to present this to the CEO, CFO and Board of Directors.

They voted to accept my recommendation.

I highly recommend choosing Mr. Yakoumis and Peo Source for any and all PEO services. I have already recommended their services to several other firms."

Religious Non-Profit

12-W2 Employees and 30-1099 Contractors

Looking for Benefits and Payroll assistance including payroll for contract employees

"We are a small, non-profit organization located in New York City. Last year we were in a bind as our health insurance company went completely out of business, leaving us with very poor options for insurance for our employees, high premiums and limited doctors. We looked into a few broker solutions, but we decided on partnering with a PEO to see if we would be able to benefit from a PEO corporate arrangement and offer a wider spectrum of quality benefits to our employees.

After being turned down because we were too small by some larger companies, we were put in touch with Greg Yakoumis and PEO Source on the internet and were very satisfied. Peo Source was able to help us bid with a few companies, and then to locate the perfect PEO, which is a great partner for our services, company philosophy, and size.

This has helped us streamline our benefits to allow us to focus on our core business. We would recommend PEO Source for any other small and/or non-profit company who may be actively searching for the right PEO fit for their company.

Multi State National Restaurant Franchisee

110 Employees

Looking for full HR services, payroll technology, compliance

"When we were looking to change payroll companies, we reached out to PEO Source. With three restaurants and over 100 employees, our focus was running our business and not trying to figure out which company would be the best fit for us. We didn’t have the time to research, contact, call, quote, schedule meetings and jump through hoops to change providers.

After our consultation with PEO Source, they brought us the Right partner the First time as a price point that was good for our company. PEO Source really simplified the process and was a valuable asset to our business. They understood our industry and needs.

Partnering with PEO Source was a good decision for our business and we highly recommend them."

Why Choose PEO Source?

Greg Yakoumis Owner, Founder

We’re all about making the right connection, and we believe you deserve a custom solution to all the payroll, workers comp, liability and compliance issues you face.

At PEO Source, we work with you to assess your unique situation and find a vendor whose strengths fit your needs. To us, you’re more than a client.

We believe in sharing ideas via good, old-fashioned conversation and use that to determine if we’re the right fit for your needs.