Signs that it could be time to shop for something new!

There are many, many very good providers that care about your business and will do a good job for your company. But if you get hold of a bad one, or things change, here are few telltale signs that you may want to look around.

  1. Are your phone calls and emails getting returned in a reasonable time?
    If not, then is your business really important to them?
    Either that or they need to upgrade their service team.
  2. Did they make promises that they’re not keeping?
    Sounds like a salesperson didn’t relay that needed item to the service team or they just couldn’t do it anyway and thought you’d never really notice.
    If it’s important to you, it should be important to them.
  3. Are you having trouble figuring out their billing and cost?
    Hiding the numbers is usually a sign of 1 of 2 things:
    1. There is a hidden cost somewhere that you don’t know about.
    2. They’re afraid of the competition finding out how much they really charge.
    If your provider is doing their job, then they shouldn’t worry about the numbers..
    You stay because they earn it… not because they hid something from you.
  4. Have you just received an unexplained or undeserved increase in fees or workers compensation?
    Sometimes their rates do change as every PEO re-necogiates their vendors and partners each year. Cost of business go up, States add compliance items, carriers change, benefits providers change.. but if there is not a decent reason that explains it or you haven’t been told?
  5. Are you getting nickel and dimed to death?
    So, you signed a contract then found out about the little things that wern’t disclosed? They can really add up to some serious dollars if you’re not careful.
    Some items are normal like stop check, new hire or comp per-claim fees. Just make sure your provider discloses “out of the box” charges in advance and they’re laid out in the proposal or contract.
  6. Did you receive a benefits increase that seems above average?
    Every PEO has different renewal periods and very rarely get a decrease in benefits cost.
    But if your increase seems “unfair” or “above national average”, then they may be sending you a signal that it’s time for you to go.
  7. Do they keep changing their company name?
    Not always a bad thing as companies to evolve and find their identity… But outside that or being bought out, we sometimes find that the provider is running from past bad history or has outstanding dept to the feds or states. If they change their name more than a few times… then just make sure you’re aware of why..
    Ever notice that furniture store that is always “going out of business” but never really closes… just a new name? Ask questions.
  8. Does your payroll or HR specialist keep changing?
    Honestly, people do move and make career changes but large scale turnover could be a management issue. Especially if the management team is also hitting the trail..
    Good people do follow good coaches… but then again… bad players find a home somewhere else also.. Try to find the underlying reason that people are on the move..
    Something else we at PEO Source stay up to date with.
  9. Are you having trouble getting a certificate of coverage in regards to workers compensation?
    Not getting a certificate of coverage is a bad thing. If it’s taking too long for other reasons besides you having a specific request… then it’s time to make sure you covered properly.
  10. Are you having trouble obtaining loss runs?
    Requesting workers compensation loss runs is usually the first sign that you plan on leaving your current provider.. when that happens, you usually go to the bottom of the request pile.. as well as get a call form your payroll specialist or salesperson. Why should they hurry if you’re just gonna leave anyway?  We at PEO Source always ask our clients to treat loss runs like your credit report. Get an update annually so there are no surprises. If you not getting one in a timely manner, either there is an issue with your work comp coverage or your provider doesn’t care if you leave or not.. Maybe you just wanted to thank them for covering all those claims you had over the years.
  11. Are your employees having issues getting their benefits paid when using them?
    Believe it or not, we’ve seen it happen. If this problem exists outside the renewal period with a carrier change, then there could be a problem. Some companies try to be self-insured without the cash to back it up. Almost every PEO has to pony up some first dollar cost so that part is not unusual. Claims not being paid? Call the carrier and ask why or call us to help you move to something better.
  12. Does your provider owe a large amount of monies to the feds or state for SUTA or TAXES?
    Not a good sign! Nowadays, there is no real advantage to holding the taxes since there is no float anymore. Paying a little late is one thing.. owing for more than a couple quarters could be a sign that you should make an exedous while you can.
  13. Has your provider lost their workers compensation carrier?
    A big sign that the provider has taken on more risk than they can afford. Carrier changes are common but if they don’t have the cash to back it up… then are you sure your claims will be paid?
  14. Have you received a notice for anything other than non-payment?
    Ok… let's be honest… if you owe money then you knew it was coming.. Other than that, mistakes do happen but…  if there is not a good reason for the notice then we need to see what internal changes the provider has made and why…
  15. Did your provider get bought out?
    This normally means that people, processes and everything in between will change in the relative future.. Suddenly you’re partnered with a new company you really know nothing about.  Even though some changes can be a good thing.. now is the time to spot check the new contract, new cost and new everything you are about to get… The old team that knew you will probably not be around in the future.
  16. Do you have a broker that keeps constantly moving you to different PEOs?
    Hey, we’re brokers also but we believe in trying to find you a good home that last.
    Your company and needs do change as you grow so changing is not a bad thing… if there’s good reason for it.
    If you constantly have problems with your provider, maybe we need to re-evaluate your needs.
    Workers Compensation is a good key reason most companies move frequently. Claims, cost or other.. If you’re not  having service problems then maybe your broker only sends you to the company that makes them more money? Also, moving for a nickel to save a dime rarely works unless there are enough dimes involved… PEO Source reviews your current situation then with a cost analysis, we will all determine if a move is worth the headache..Change is always a hard thing… but sometimes a needed thing!

    Here a really big clue I hate to even joke about: 🙂

  17. Has your provider been in the news recently in a BAD way?
    Enough said about that.

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