PEO Source is all about “Making the Right Connection” with the right person…the right product…the right company.

Each player in the vast spectrum of human resources has a niche. PEO Source assesses your unique situation and finds the vendor whose strengths best suit your needs. Every solution is tailored to fit you with the best cost-savings, asset protection and HR administration for your company and staff.

PEO Source partners locally, regionally and nationally with Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), payroll companies, insurance providers, 401(k) administrators, and other human resources specialists.

Our partners have proven track records of performance, service, and integrity. In today's competitive market, it’s survival of the fittest. Shouldn’t that also apply to your choice in providers?

Best of all, our expertise costs you nothing. We work for you, do all the legwork, and get paid by them.

As skilled agents with over 20+ years of industry experience, we have the strength and ability to assist your company in choosing the “right” service provider the first time!

In this economy, you don’t have time for mistakes!

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“Transparency in all things, working with honesty and integrity while striving to provide professional and accurate services to our clients. Our firms high quality of customer service, attention to detail, communication, as well as how our size, flexibility and structure allow us to strategically offer a true consultative approach and offer multiple solutions to meet your exact needs that interact with your organization the way YOU desire…”

John Yakoumis
President & Owner Peo Source LLC

Why Choose PEO Source?

Greg Yakoumis Owner, Founder

We’re all about making the right connection, and we believe you deserve a custom solution to all the payroll, workers comp, liability and compliance issues you face.

At PEO Source, we work with you to assess your unique situation and find a vendor whose strengths fit your needs. To us, you’re more than a client.

We believe in sharing ideas via good, old-fashioned conversation and use that to determine if we’re the right fit for your needs.