Among all the immense benefits of using a Professional Employer Organization, the one thing that stands out to business owners as being the most beneficial is the savings on Workman’s Compensation Insurance. PEO's can save most companies between 10% to 40% depending on your business. They package this benefit with their Claims Management, Risk Consulting and Loss Prevention Services to provide your company with second to none protection and service.

Benefits of a PEO Workman’s Compensation

  • *No more audit premiums
  • *No more Premium Deposits
  • *No more down payments or Modifiers
  • *Eliminate Surcharges
  • *Pay as You Go Premiums
  • *Serious Accident Investigations
  • *Provide Certificates of Coverage
  • *Rated Carriers
  • *Return to work Assistance
  • *Access to training
  • *Claims Management:
  •  The PEO's Insurance carrier manages the workers’ comp claims which means serious accidents are reviewed by the PEO's in-house claims team while all provider or client questions on claims issues are handled in house. Suspected fraud claims and subrogation opportunities are pursued by a carrier investigator. Risk Consultants assist in the return to work process for injured employees

Risk Consulting Services

Safety programs will reduce losses and the many expenses, both direct and indirect that are associated with workers’ compensation injuries and claims. By reducing accidents, injury rates and damage to facilities it means a better impact on the client’s bottom line. While the PEO doesn’t assume responsibility for OSHA compliance or client workplace safety, they do assist in identifying OSHA compliance concerns. They also assist with the client claims information and guidance in completing appropriate forms. The PEO's consultants provide risk management consultations and safety expertise. Their goal is to help clients identify and minimize hazardous situations that can lead to claims that ultimately impact your bottom line.

Loss Prevention Service

The PEO's risk consultants can assist in identifying exposures that can lead to injury and can review existing safety programs and/or provide guidance on needed programs. They can provide sample industry specific programs and hazard specific programs as needed. Their team can provide training for management on how to conduct accident investigations on an as needed basis to identify causes and recommend corrective actions for safety. The PEO also provides materials to assist with training and web based or video materials to supplement and enhance the client’s and management staffs’ safety training.

How can PEO Source help

With over 1,100 PEO's Nationally, how do you find the right fit for your business?

Each Professional Employer Organization is uniquely different and many factors are taken into consideration before they will accept your company as a client. Whether you are a White, Gray or Blue Collar company... Industry, Risk, Company Size and States you do business are only a few factors that the PEO looks at.

With over 75 years combined industry experience, one of our PEO Source consultants will conduct a needs analysis and help you identify and priortize your business requirements. We then match your company's requirements with our vast network of providers. After selecting the perfect provider for your firm, we guide you through the transition then continue to maintain an ongoing relationshop with your company to ensure the provider is giving you the exact service you need and expect.

Why Choose PEO Source?

Greg Yakoumis Owner, Founder

We’re all about making the right connection, and we believe you deserve a custom solution to all the payroll, workers comp, liability and compliance issues you face.

At PEO Source, we work with you to assess your unique situation and find a vendor whose strengths fit your needs. To us, you’re more than a client.

We believe in sharing ideas via good, old-fashioned conversation and use that to determine if we’re the right fit for your needs.